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iSeed is a IT solutions and systems Integration company. We provide solutions which help global companies to perform at their peak level. By combining deep industry experience, proven track record, end to end innovative solutions, and customer focus, iSeed collaborates with clients to help them achieve their business objectives. iSeed has established strategic alliances with leading technology providers to further enhance our services. iSeed provides consulting and solutions for Telecom, Internet, Mobile, and Enterprise segment.

iSeed "Innovation driven" strategy builds on our expertise in solutions, and technology to help our clients perform at a higher level. Our "No surprise" and "bad news first" culture gives our client's the confidence to rely on us to develop critical components in a timely manner.


iSeed always focus on delivering specialized software for different kinds of businesses which not only cover accounts rather helps in managing your business in your way. Save your valuable time, Increase your profit, achieve your targets, learn about more business secrets by implementation of accurate business solutions designed esp. for your business.



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Our Services

The company provides a full range of IT services customized to meet each client's specific needs and business objectives. iSeed consultants work collaboratively to share their extensive industry experience and superior technical expertise with clients in industries ranging from high technology, real estate, and biotechnology & pharmaceuticals to financial services, manufacturing, and communications & media.
iSeed is dedicated to the cost-effective delivery of integrated IT solutions that achieve outstanding business success.

Cloud Integration

"One-to-Many" APIs: Using our Hubs, one uniform API connects you to many cloud services, which we call Elements.
Our Hubs: Cloud Storage, CRM, Marketing, Help Desk, Messaging, Finance and more.
Keep Up to Date: We maintain all of your integrations and continue to add new services.

Integration Testing

We have A1 Experts in Integration testing. We do the tests integration or interfaces between components and Applications, interactions to different parts of the system such as an operating system or Application, We follow The top-down and bottom-up approaches for integration testing approaches.

Systems Integration

Platform Level APIs: Logging, monitoring, alerts and notifications through Elements Manager and Platform APIs.
Authentication: Uniform approach to authenticate each cloud service regardless of the protocol (OAuth, SAML, etc.).
Security: We encrypt and store the user and refresh tokens so you don't have to worry about user management for your integrations.

Building Apps

New Apps from APIs You Build & Buy: Build new applications on top of custom Hubs that combine resources from apps you use and apps you've built.

Consulting Services

iSeed offers consulting & development in ERP and CRM, and support services to clients in telecommunication, electricity, gas, and water utility industries. We listen carefully and work smart to understand our clients' business needs and deliver cost effective solutions.

Internship Programs

For college students who are looking for internship with some hands-on experience in a field, we have the best internship Programs and jobs and summer internships for you across IT. We provide the internship that's a perfect fit for you.

Our Process

We consider from the design to go Live process to be a journey, in which teamwork, collaboration, communication, relationships and shared vision are critical.
Our goal is to not only to create beautiful and successful projects, but foster and maintain the shared passion and vision that make the journey rewarding for the whole team.













About Us

iSeed has established strategic alliances with leading technology providers to further enhance our services. iSeed works closely with its client to bring the best solution to the market. iSeed has industry experts who can not only help client build products using the latest technology but also innovate, refine the product to best meet the requirements to bring out a quality, timely and feature rich product. Clients leverage our extensive domain expertise, processes, and mature delivery model, and IP from our partners to develop world class products and have Time to Market edge.

iSeed has a focused approach to its solutions. By focusing on areas where it has expertise and by not being one stop solution company, iSeed is able to bring true value to you. By relying on iSeed expertise, you can be sure of the quality, timeliness and best services.

Our Mission is to become a responsible leader providing Solutions for the new global economy. We will become an Extended Internet Enterprise service provider partnering with our customers, employees and suppliers. We believe that our outstanding service delivery capabilities will eventually become the industry reference point for these services.

We vigorously follow up on all projects to ensure client/consultant compatibility and satisfaction, and we monitor progress to ensure successful completion of each assignment.Our approach is based on a solid methodologies,iSeed employs cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality solutions and services.



We create big things with small team. We will deliver appropriate solutions for complex or challenging projects.



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